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Elizabeth Ronau, OD & Healing Peru

Dr.Ronau has exciting news! She was asked to participate in a medical trip to Peru in April and share my optometry skills with a very underprivileged area.

First, let me give you a little background on the group I will be traveling with.

Healing Peru was established in 2007 as a non-profit humanitarian project to provide medical care to the indigenous people of Andajuayalillas, Peru where the average income is less than $1/day. The founding doctor has family ties to this area as his grandmother-in-law still lives there.

We will have a diverse group of doctors, nurses, and optometrists participating this year. In the past, this amazing group has averaged 2,000 patient encounters in just 2 weeks of clinic.

Most of the people we will see have never had an eye exam before, and they may never have another one after we see them. Many eye conditions we take for granted, like simple near-sightedness, lazy eye or cataracts render some of these people blind and therefore unable to go to school or provide for their families. We cannot fix everything, but when we can give a simple pair of glasses that clears up someone’s world, it makes all the hard work worth it. We also hope to have enough sunglasses or hats for every person we see.

     In order for Dr. Ronau to go on this trip, she will need your help. The cost for each member of the trip is $1600. This money will help with her travel costs, purchasing glasses and medication as needed and shipping charges. Although she has past experiences with this type of trip, to Guatemala and Nicaragua as an optometry student, this trip will have just two optometrists and will be completely self-funded.

Any contribution you can make will be extremely helpful.

Your gift will truly change lives.

  Just imagine how different your life would be if you didn’t have your glasses, contacts, glaucoma medication or even antibiotics for eye infections.

Monetary gifts can be made out Elizabeth Ronau. Any donations of glasses, sunglasses, readers and/or hats can be dropped off to either the Florence or Covington location of Metzger Eye Care.


Digital Eye Strain


Digital eye strain is the physical discomfort felt by many individuals after two or more hours in front of a digital screen. Symptoms are different for each person, but digital eye strain typically manifests itself as dry, red or irritated eyes; blurred vision; fatigued eyes; back, neck or shoulder pain; or headaches. for some, the effects of digital eye strain can be painful and, in extreme cases, debilitating.


Digital eye strain is not a permanent condition, but it can have a strong and lasting effect on individuals who rely on electronics for education, social interaction and, most commonly, work. for adults with computer- oriented jobs, digital eye strain can result in painful distractions that lessen productivity. in fact, digital eye strain is now the most common computer-related repetitive strain injury among workers, surpassing carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis.ii

to combat strain, eye care providers recommend glasses designed specifically for digital screens. When used in combination with good “eye-gonomics,” computer glasses can reduce or even prevent digital eye strain symptoms.



Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain


eye redness or irritation from staring at the bright backlight of screens for long periods


Dry eyes due to reduced blinking


Blurred vision due to screen glare


general fatigue from staring at screens and straining to see small fonts and images


Back pain due to poor body posture when a screen is not positioned properly


neck pain caused by poor screen and monitor positioning


headaches from repeated eye strain


Tips to Prevent and Lessen Digital Eye Strain

Lens technology is advancing to meet the concerns of a digital world. computer glasses are a great solution to reduce or eliminate digital eye strain. other “eye-gonomic” actions can also help lessen the incidence of fatigue. the Vision council’s medical advisory board offers these tips for safer screen viewing:


Adjust the brightness of your device. consider changing your background color from bright white to cool gray. Attach a glare reduction filter to your computer screen.


Frequently dust and wipe digital screens to help reduce glare.


Adjust your screen so that it is directly in front of your face and slightly below eye level. Do not tilt a computer



Position yourself or your device so there is sufficient distance between your eyes and the screen.


Lessen the amount of overhead and surrounding light that is competing with your device’s screen.


When using a computer, first sit in your chair and extend your arm. Your palm should rest comfortably on the monitor (as if you’re high-fiving the screen).


Keep handheld devices a safe distance from your eyes and just below eye level.


Increase text size to better define the content on your screen. Use the settings control to make adjustments that

feel comfortable to your eyes.


Remind yourself to blink more often. Staring at a digital screen can affect the number of times you blink, causing eyes to dry.


Take a 20-20-20 break: every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away.


Parents should limit the amount of screen time for children, and reduce their screen time in front of children so as

to set healthy standards in the home.


Blink. Breathe. Break.


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