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Deciding which eyewear get takes into account so much more than clear vision — it's also a form of self-expression. Whether you decide to get contact lenses, glasses, or sunglasses — or all three — at Metzger Eye Care, we'll help you find the perfect eyewear for all your lifestyle and optical needs.

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Quality Eyewear in Covington

At Metzger Eye Care, we carry and prepare prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses for clear and sharp eyesight. No matter your refractive error, our mission is to provide you with good vision, comfort, and continued eye health.

Whether you're seeking glasses or contact lenses, our team will help you choose the perfect eyewear to ensure that you both look and see great! 

Our Eyewear Services:

The Metzger Eye Care family has lost one of their own. Please be patient with us as we mourn the loss of our company’s founder, Dr. Ferdinand Joseph Metzger.

Dr. Ferd was a Korean War Veteran and attended Optometry School on the GI Bill. He was a 1957 graduate of Illinois College of Optometry and the first licensed optometrist in Boone County. He spent his life as a skilled, respected, and knowledgeable eye care practitioner for his patients. He was a leader in his profession as President of both the Kentucky Board of Optometric Examiners and the Kentucky Optometric Association (KOA). He was awarded the Clifford Leadingham Award by the KOA for his lifetime dedication to the profession of Optometry.

He was so proud to follow his uncles in the profession of optometry and thrilled to practice with his daughter, Mary Jo as an optician and optometrist Dr. Julie and nephew, Dr. Bill for so many years. We’re sure he will be greeted at heaven’s gate by our former optician Vina with a great big cheesecake for him and his wife Audrey as they reunite once again. Services are being arranged by Chambers and Grubbs Funeral Home in Florence.